Kings Valley Diner's

Nestled in the heart of Kingston, New York, is Kings Valley Diner. KVD to those in the know. This diner offers more than just a meal-–it’s a place where flavors and life’s experiences blend seamlessly.

KVD’s honey mustard has a color that is a classic whiteish yellow, reminiscent of comfort and familiarity. The sweetness of the honey in the blend reflects the warmth and joy found in a romantic proposal, capturing the essence of love and commitment. The bold, sharp taste of the mustard echoes the courage and innovation needed in a business venture, embodying the spirit of entrepreneurship. The addition of a subtle maple tone introduces an element of complexity, akin to the intellectual depth and rigorous analysis that culminates in a PhD, a multifaceted and challenging journey of academic research and discovery. These three flavors come together to create a harmonious blend not unlike life’s varied proposals.

I rate it a 7/10. I propose that you try it if you’re ever in the area.